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Christmas Gifts for Car Enthusiasts

January 2, 2019 - Reading time: 2 minutes

With the holidays approaching it’s time to start planning on which presents would make our loved ones happy. If you have a beloved friend or family member who is a car enthusiast, consider gifting them something connected to their passion. Here are some gift suggestions for the car-loving people in your life:

Driving Gloves

Leather gloves allow drivers to have a firm grip on the steering wheel. There are many options for practical and stylish gloves that will surely entice anyone who spends time in their vehicles on the winter days and nights. If the person who you are gifting gloves to has a car with touch-sensitive controls, there are fingerless varieties of gloves.

Tire Inflator

The colder weather can leave tires underinflated and eventually lead to blowouts. The good news is that proper inflation can be done easily with a portable tire compressor.

Engine-Block Coffee Table

Having car parts in your living room could be functional and stylish! A coffee table made out of an engine is sure to be a conversation starter when visitors come over. There's a surface above the engine to place, food, drinks, books, and anything else that one would put on a coffee table.

Universal Cell Phone Air Vent Car Mount Holder

In addition to phones being utilized for texting and calling friends and loved ones, they also have GPS abilities for navigating. Knowing exactly where your phone is while driving can be challenging.This universal cell phone holder allows the driver to keep theirs within reaching distance.

Bluetooth Cassette Adapter

Older cars are behind the curve when it comes to technology. Update a loved one’s automobile without all the costs with a Bluetooth cassette adapter. A portable Bluetooth enabled device can play all their favorite tunes. They can even make calls through the speakers.

Car-Seat Warmer

If the person you are needing a present for doesn’t have a car with factory heated seats, they’ll appreciate a seat warmer to keep them toasty when the weather is frigid.

Let Japanese Motor Works know if you need any more gift suggestions. Also, before you hit the road, we’d be happy to do preventative maintenance so you feel more secure on the winter roads. Contact us to schedule an appointment. Japanese Motor Works is located at 200 Firefighter Court in Athens, GA 30607. We look forward to your visit!


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