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Thanksgiving Travel in the Car? How to Keep the Kids Occupied

November 1, 2017 - Reading time: 2 minutes

The question that every parent hears during road trips from their little ones is, “Are we there yet?” With holidays approaching, it’s wise for parents to do some advance planning on how to keep their children occupied during their travels. The team at Japanese has some suggestions that could keep the kids quiet and busy during the holiday escapades!

Tablets, phones, and laptops allow the young ones to have a variety of options to stay content in the car.Prior to your trip, download games, educational programs, shows, and music. Audiobooks are also good to have available to fight boredom. Some of the books you can even listen to as a family. Local libraries often provide free rentals.

There are also many creative activities that will occupy and entertain your child. For example, dry erasable pens and a whiteboard give them the opportunity to write notes to each other, play hangman, tic-tac-toe, and many other games. Then they can wipe it away and start all over! Instant film cameras also provide much entertainment for kids. This gives them a chance to take images for a vacation notebook. Also, who doesn’t love silly putty?! It’s squishy, stretchy and because it’s elastic, it won’t get stuck on the seats. Colored pipe cleaners are also a good creative choice that gives kids the chance to make crazy shapes, jewelry, and animals.

Parents can get creative with things to play with. In a shoe box, put legos, Matchbox cars, card games, and other items. The top of the box can be used as a playing surface and can be decorated with crayons and markers. Magna Doodles and Etch A Sketches will keep your kids busy for miles! If you pop into a restaurant on the highway, have a “fun box” with coloring books, crayons, and blocks.

The team at Japanese Motor Works want your holiday travels to be safe and fun for the whole family. Some of these suggestions to keep the children busy during road trips should make your time on the road more seamless. If you'd like preventive maintenance before you take off on your vacation, contact us and schedule an appointment. Japanese Motor Works is located at 200 Firefighter Court in Athens, GA 30607.


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