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The Green Auto Repair Shop in Athens

July 24, 2013 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Let’s talk about environmentally-friendly practices and going green. Guess what? JMW was “green” before it was cool to be green! What do you mean you are green? A vehicle repair facility can generate some really nasty chemicals…you had better be recycling! Well, in fact we have always recycled… all the way back to the inception of this shop in 1992. Starting with tires, a quarterly report is generated on the number of tires purchased and installed matched with the number of old tires that have to be counted and removed from the premises. What happens next you may wonder? Those old tires can be turned into all sorts of interesting “new” items like rubberized mulch…what a great idea!

What about fluids such as, coolant, differential fluid, power steering fluid, brake and clutch fluid?, As you can see, there are many fluids used in our industry that would contaminate ground water, rivers and streams if handled improperly. And than there is oil, of course, which we have properly stored until it is picked up and turned into…can you guess?; asphalt for roads and interstates.

JMW, Inc. uses re-manufactured products, which involves the replacement of the “guts” of the product, yet retaining and reusing the housing. Such items can be as small as an alternator, differential, starter motor…all the way to a transmission, drive axels and even engines.

All of the shipping and receiving materials at our shop is recycled…like boxes, packing paper and packing materials that look like white Cheetos. Plastics, aluminum and glass are carted off to the recycle bin as well.

Except for customer invoices, we have even gone “paperless” in the front office, relying on computerized customer records and vehicle repair history. I do, however, have to generate paper hard copies, which are necessary for day to day operations and record keeping required by state and federal regulations.

Operating “Green” costs extra in dollars and work, but it is a requirement which we take very seriously. Besides, we love Georgia and want to keep it safe and clean. Did we mention we are also Certified Female Friendly?


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